About Us

Clann Na Cara, Gaelic for "A Family of Friends" is an accredited Irish dancing school founded in 2006 by Mary Kate Conrad (Lachut), Katie Cunningham, Jennifer Mammoliti (DiPasquale) and Erin Mansour (Holzerland) all whom danced together for years and competed at the World level.


At Clann Na Cara dancers can compete and perform, or simply attend weekly class for fun and exercise as the child's desire to excel steers them.


Our school's unique culture of instilling pride in achieving their personal best, along with self motivation and fun into each student's experience has resulted in a school full of well rounded and successful students, both in and out of the dance class walls.

Our Culture






Opportunities to Excel

While it is 100% up to each dancer and family, dancers at Clann Na Cara are encouraged to pursue competitive opportunities beyond attending weekly classes.


We believe dancing for enjoyment as well as sport allows dancers to showcase their talents and grow in ability and self-confidence.


How much or how little each dancer participates is up to each student/family. We want dancing to be fun and enjoyable, whatever that may mean to you!

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