About Us

Clann Na Cara, Gaelic for "A Family of Friends" is an accredited Irish dancing school founded by Mary Kate Conrad (Lachut), Katie Cunningham, Jennifer Mammoliti (DiPasquale) and Erin Mansour (Holzerland) all whom danced together for years. They started the school together in order to pass along a love for Irish dance with each student.

We are located in Kenmore and Orchard Park. NY and have been teaching dancers in WNY since 2006!


At Clann Na Cara dancers can compete and perform, or simply attend weekly class for fun and exercise. Come and learn why we have named our school "A family of friends!"

Our Culture






Opportunities to Excel

While it is 100% up to each dancer and family, dancers at Clann Na Cara are encouraged to dance beyond attending weekly classes at things like our year end recital, performances, and competitions.


We believe dancing for enjoyment as well as competitively allows dancers to showcase their talents and grow in ability while forming lasting friendships with their peers!