Dancing with Clann Na Cara

Is the world of Irish dancing foreign to you?

Here is a basic outline of where dancers in our program begin, and where they can go...

Class Levels

Tot class (Age 2 & 3) / Mommy & Me

New Beginner (Ages 4 & up)

Beginner II

Advanced Beginner


Open Prizewinner

Preliminary Championships

Open Championships


Attending Classes

As a member of our school dancers can attend
as many regular weekly classes as they would like.

(Not applicable for Beginner 3/4 class) 





Beginner II:  Slip Jig is learned.

Advanced Beginner:  Hardshoe is started.  Can join show team.

Novice: Start learning "slow speed" hardshoe. Can tryout for Oireachtas team.

Open Prizewinner:  If you have a 1st place in Open Prizewinner in your required dances you can compete in solos at Regional Qualifier (Oireachtas).

Preliminary:  Automatically qualified for solos at Oireachtas.

Championships:  Automatically qualified for solos at Oireachtas and Nationals.


Local Irish dance competitions (aka Feis, pronounced "fesh") are held throughout the year.  Dancers are encouraged to compete as a way to build confidence, progress through the ranks, and grow as dancers and individuals.  However it is up to each dancer/family if they would like to attend competitions.

We have dancers who compete on the local, regional, national and international level, as well as dancers who simply attend class for fun and exercise.

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In addition to performing at our year-end recital, dancers in the Advanced Beginner level & up are eligible to join Show Team.

Show team dances are learned in regular class.


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