Dance Shoes

Bailey Slipper Shop (WNY)

Rutherford Shoes

     New Beginners:  Do not need softshoes right away, but can be purchased above at any time.

      Advanced Beginners:  Will start hardshoe dancing this year, however may not need hardshoes right away.  Talk to teacher.  

      Novice & Up:  Need both soft and hardshoes.  Both should have soft, black sole bottoms.

Dance Socks

Dance socks can be conveniently ordered through the school.

Socks are seamless and have arch support.



Please complete order form to the right and follow the
instructions that follow..

As pictured, socks should fit up to lower/mid calf.


For performance/feis purposes, please use the following guidelines for what to wear:

     Beginner / Advanced Beginners:  Jumper - ORDER FORM HERE: Jumper/Skirt Google doc

     Novice & Up:  School dress.  Log into parent page for ordering info.

     Boys:  Black slacks, black socks, black shirt, kelly green tie.

FIT:  Jumpers/dresses length should fall a few inches above the knee.  Dresses may not fall below knees, or be too short!

Hair / Accessories

Knitted Headbands:  $10. Fill out order form to the right
and follow instructions that appear after submission.

Wig Vendor: "Head For The World" - Camelia Rose wigs (Jeanne Farrell)

  Beginners:   Curl hair.  Beginner dancers may not wear wigs.


   All Other Dancers U12:  Ask teacher (it will be either the ANNE BUN WIG or the ROSIE.)

   All Other Dancers O12:  ROBYN WIG

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